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Spiritual Warrior yoga songs yogi playlist music
Flow to the yogi playlist we have created to lift your soul during your yoga practice. Music really can be meditation for the soul, so combine it with your yoga practice to have a deep spiritual experience.
  1. Gayatri Mantra- Tina Malia : Flow to the beautiful and soothing ancient sounds that open our heart to the divine energy. Use the Gayatri Mantra to inspire wisdom in us and awaken our own divinity
  1. Om Namah Shivaya – A fast dance with Shiva : Get inspired to move to the dance of life. Chant this to bow to your inner true self. 
  1. The Dub Sutras – Desert Dwellers : Awaken yourself with these sensual sutras and feel the love for yourself and mother earth.
  1. RaMaDaSa- Snatam Kaur : Be in harmony with inner forces with this healing mantra. Send healing energy to you and your loved ones.
  1. Om Namo Shivaya- Satyaa and Pari : Find your inner strength and fight your demons with this powerful mantra. Be a spiritual warrior
  1. Jai Radha Madhava – Deva Premal : Fill yourself up with love and light as you flow to this mantra celebrating unconditional love.
  1. No Ordinary Love- Sade : Give yourself unconditional and extraordinary love as you flow to sade’s beautiful song.
  1. Waheguru – Nirinjan Kaur : Celebrate going from darkness to light.
  1. Om Namo Bhagavate- Deva Premal : Be in positive surrender with the universe. Trust that good will flow in your life as you flow to this mantra about surrender.
  1. Call Within (Manose) : Find your stillness with these beautiful sounds

      Have a divine yoga practice filled with love and light with these powerful mantras. Namaste.



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