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Sati Mat Bag

Rs. 1,490.00
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Sati Mat Bag was mindfully crafted underprivileged but over talented women in India. Keep your hands free by carrying this lightweight mat bag and exude good vibes only. 

Satis a Buddhist term meaning"mindfulness" or "awareness." 

Western yoga practitioners usually understand sati as the awareness/attention that encourages them to be in the present moment while they improve their focus on bodily postures and the breath.

There are four foundations of sati: mindfulness of body, mindfulness of feelings, mindfulness of mind or dharma, and mindfulness of mental objects.

Soul of the Yoga Bag

  • Lining
  • Exterior zip pocket large enough for phones, card holders, keys, cash etc
  • Big enough for most mats and a change of clothes

Wash and Care

We recommend to machine wash in cold water and then dry flat. 

Mindful Craftsmanship

Your bag purchase helps stitch back lives of women from the economically challenged backgrounds in India. We help empower them with a livelihood, confidence and give them the respect they deserve. Read more