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pro yoga mat
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pro yoga mat
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Sahasrara Pro Yoga Mat


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Sahasrara is the seventh chakra in yogic tradition and it is represented by the thousand-petaled lotus. Sahasrara is located above the crown of the head and it is the connection to pure consciousness. Our Sahasrara Mat will bring forth  a sense of oneness and unity.



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      100% Eco-friendly
      Cork padding for optimal grip
      Provides good cushioning for the joints
      Non-slip performance as the rubber provides a secure grip to the floor
      The cork surfaces increases grip when wet
      Excellent Durability
      High Quality
      Free from harmful silicone, phthalates and harmful chemicals
      Good for regular and hot yoga
      Anti-microbial cork surface: Naturally kills bacteria and germs

      We recommend you clean using a yoga mat cleaner. Wipe it down with a yoga mat cleaner after your practice. Let it Air Dry (Do not put in Dryer)

      Biodegradable, Recyclable, 100% natural tree rubber, water based inks with premium cork

      Cork is the outer bark of the Oak Tree. The Oak tree is never cut down to harvest cork, rather the bark is stripped by hand! No part of the bark is wasted during cork production. Oak trees regenerate their bark by absorbing five times more Carbon Dioxide than an oak tree that hasn't been harvested.

      The other side of the mat is made with sustainably harvested tree rubber from rubber trees, a renewable resource. These mats don't contain any PVC, EVA or synthetic rubber making your mat both kind to you and kind to the earth.

      All designs are made using water based inks to avoid chemicals

      The best thing: They come from the earth, they go back into the earth! The mat is 100% biodegradable, so by buying it you aren't increasing your carbon footprint.

      24" W x 72" L x 3mm thickness
      Weight: 1.9 Kg

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      Rooted in Earth, Grown with love

      Yoga is a powerful practice and we want to inspire our tribe to explore this using the right tools. The right tools are found in nature.

      Mother Earth has given us a beautiful home in which we find food to eat, air to breathe, medicines to heal, sunsets to enjoy, mountains to hike, water to survive. She also gave us fibers whose quality surpass manmade alternatives. To illustrate our proof on concept we created our Ahimsa Mat. It is made using sustainable materials, is 100% biodegradable and chemical free. It grips much better than plastic mats, is anti-slip, odorless, and longer lasting. The values behind this mat inspired the rest of our yoga gear + activewear.

      Let us tread lightly on Mother Earth by giving what we can and taking only what we need.

      Exceptional Quality

      Made using the highest quality of fibers

      Customer centric

      You are the center of everything we do.

      Sustainable luxury

      Created With Integrity, Prioritizing The Planet

      Worldwide shipping

      Ship anywhere, rates avaiavailable at checkout