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We as Spiritual Warriors are dedicated to fighting social injustices. Living in a community, we believe it is our duty to help improve it however we can.

Spiritual Warrior

Stitching Back Lives

We at Spiritual Warrior believe it is our moral duty to empower underprivileged women dedicated to earning honorable livelihoods. Despite being born in impoverished households, being denied education, having suffered mental and physical abuse, these women fought through life and are now determined to learn and earn. These women are our heroes and survivors. #SpiritualWarriorSurviors 

ILCA at Samarpan Foundation

We partnered up with the Institute of Learning, Culture and Art (ILCA) at Samarpan Foundation to help provide jobs to underprivileged women. After mastering basic tailoring techniques, they mindfully crafted all of the Spiritual Warrior Yoga Mat Bags. They are paid high wages, work in encouraging conditions, served nutritious food and are provided with health care. We are grateful to ILCA for providing us an opportunity to work with their ever-smiling faces and continue to develop this relationship. #SpiritualWarriorSurvivors 

Our eco-friendly packaging has been handmade by a small group of underprivileged but over talented women in India. We are privileged to work with these inspiring women and continue to develop this relationship. #SpiritualWarriorSurvivors 

Spiritual Warrior Survivor fund
At the beginning of every academic year we set a challenge in a few underprivileged communities and schools around the country, and the children that win the challenge get their education funded at a good private school for the rest of their schooling years.


Spiritual Warrior 

What we stand on is what we stand for

Spiritual Warrior is eternally grateful to Mother Earth for providing us with not only food, water, air and healing herbs, but also nature’s music and beauty. However today Mother Earth is crying, and we take a firm stand to help wipe her tears. #SpiritualWarriorProtectors

Upcycle old Yoga Mats

We take your old yoga mats and give you a 10% OFF your new purchase and we turn your old yoga mats into flip flops. We then distribute these flip flops to the underprivileged community. Win Win #SpiritualWarriorProtectors

Plant a Tree
For every cork mat we sell, we plant a tree #SpiritualWarriorProtectors

Eco-friendly Mats
We make eco-friendly mats. Our Ahimsa and Ananda Mats are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. They are made using natural tree rubber and water based inks. Our Ojas mats are made without any harmful chemicals. #SpiritualWarriorProtectors

Build Awareness
We aim to build awareness on green issues through events and activities. Stay connected to find out about our next conscious event. #SpiritualWarriorProtectors


Empowering athletes

Spiritual Warrior is committed to empowering athletes. Playing a sport is an important foundation upon which a child’s character is built. We believe it helps a child learn about teamwork, healthy competition, discipline, inspires healthy living and most importantly teaches them how to have fun. #SpiritualWarriorCreators

Spiritual Warrior Coaches.

We place volunteers in schools where sports are seriously underfunded to allow a child to shine bright in every sphere of his life. With our coaches we hope that no child’s dream is ever big enough.


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