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Spiritual Warrior Yoga Athleisure Yoga Mats

After finishing a meal, "sit in Vajrasana!"

If stressed, "do the shoulderstand!" 

If jaded or bored, "get into the wheel"

If you have a blocked nose... roll into a forward fold! 

When mum just wants to play with her kids " get into the table pose, and hold her tea." 


Yoga asanas added a fun element to our own household while we were growing up. There was a pose for every mood, ailment or problem that was lifted once the stretch was adapted and absolute.

If you are adaptable in your mind, you can overcome any difficulty or dilemmas with the right intent, emotion followed by the right motion.

When you first think of yoga, you associate it with physical exercise or an awkward pose with your legs over your head. But in reality, yoga means union of your entire self. Of course the asana’s play an important role in aligning the mind and body while awakening the soul but with continued practice you become aware of the incredible knowledge linked to the study and philosophy of yoga. Ultimately every aspect of yoga leads to self-realization be it breathing exercises, meditation or the physical practices. Each posture with the correct breathing technique enables us to touch, connect and awaken our soul that brings us closer to our purpose. The outer light of learning ignites the inner that radiates.

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