The 3 Day Warrior Fast

The 3 Day Warrior Fast

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It is fasting time for us at Shakti Warrior, and our tribe is getting ready for a really cool and effective blood purification fast. So, we thought we would share it with you so you can join us! 

 This fast is one of the first ones I ever did and one of my favorites. Not only because it is only 3 days, but because it is a blood purification fast, and it is super effective. 

 Our blood is that incredible body fluid that performs several life sustaining functions such as destroying bacteria, transporting nutrients to the cells, carrying away waste, helping regulate amino acids, salts, bases and water in cells, and it even regulates body temperature.

 If any of the many roles the blood plays in our bodies is impaired, the consequences to our health can be pretty bad and consequential. The worst part is that even if you follow an already healthy lifestyle, the foreign substances that enter our bodies through the water we drink, the food we eat, and even the air we breathe can find their way to our blood stream and impair the functions carried out by the blood. 

This blood purification fast acts in two ways: It helps draw foreign substances out of the body, and provides important nutrients to help restore the blood’s normal structure. 

A few things to keep in mind prior to starting this fast:

  • Choose an appropriate time for the fast - Fasting requires the conservation of energy, so avoid fasting during a week when you are participating in a sporting event for example, or moving homes. 
  • Avoid fasting during the colder months - Some of the heat you need to withstand cold is generated during the digestive process, so fasting in the warmer months is better.
  • Have the right mental attitude - You should be excited to do this fast because of the incredible benefits of it. Do not do this fast if you are looking for a ‘quick fix’ or to shed some pounds. 
  • Prepare yourself physically - For one week prior to the fast, eat a raw vegetable diet, and include lots of green juices. The chlorophyll present in dark green veggies acts as a pre-cleanser, making the fast less of a shock. You can also purchase chlorophyll tablets to increase your intake. 
  • Most importantly: this fast is for healthy individuals without any underlying conditions. Please consult your healthcare provide first prior to following any fast or changes in your diet!

Now that you are all ready for the 3 days fast - follow these guidelines to make the most of it: 

  • Consume at least 8-10 cups of distilled water - preferably room temperature to aid in cleansing and to help carry toxins out of the body.
  • The best juices for blood purification are: lemon juice, beet juice and its tops, carrot juice, and the juices of all leafy greens. Leafy greens like barley grass, wheatgrass and alfalfa are particularly important because they provide chlorophyll, which is essential for blood purification and builds up the blood with important nutrients. It also promotes regularity and inhibits cellular damage from radiation. 
  • Take some clear broth if you are feeling dizzy or lightheaded from the lack of salt of this fast. 
  • Dandelion tea, milk thistle, yellow dock root, red clover tea and green tea are also acceptable. 
  • Stay on the fast for 3 days, or as directed by your doctor.
  • Once you have completed the fast, avoid white flour and sugars, as well as any highly refined, hard to digest foods, and heated fats and oils for at least a month. The stress placed on your body by these foods can undo all the good from the fast. 

There it is! 3 days to purified blood and body detox. This fast is, well fast and very effective. Just please be sure to consult with your doc if you have any underlying conditions, or if you are not familiar with fasting. Also, be sure to prepare mentally and physically prior to this fast in order to get all the benefits that this incredible practice brings and to avoid major shocks to the body.  Happy Fasting Tribe!


-- by Viviana Wilches

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