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Athleisure wear is a trend that is here to stay. These “après sport” clothes are both fashionable and comfortable. People nowadays demand a healthier lifestyle and then a wardrobe that reflects this lifestyle. People want to look stylish to do absolutely nothing (and yet everything) in all day long. Athleisure wear has even started to appear on designer runways, like the couture sneakers from Chanel! Hitting the street after the studio and still looking like you belong on the runway is an art. Here are some looks from spiritual warrior on how to be a yogi bear all day long.

  1. Look chic on the streets by adding a pair of mirrored sunglasses to your outfit. If the weather permits add a leather jacket. A cute backpack is optional but preferable. Also swap your tennis shoes for a pair of white kicks to complete the look.
  2. Wrap a button down shirt around your waist. A baseball cap is optional but preferable. Add a backpack to complete the look
  3. Make your tennis sneakers look part of the outfit by tying a bomber jacket around your waist. The sunglasses are just what’s needed to give the sporty chic look.
  4. A structured coat on top of our Ira crop top is exactly the way to show off those abs you’ve been working so hard at. Swap the tennis shoes for the fashion sneakers to give yourself the stylish edge.
  5. A glam bag with mirrored shades is sometimes all you need.
  6. Denim Jacket and scarf around your neck is the way to go to a super casual healthy joint.
  7. The Spiritual Warrior Indiya joggers go well with a pair of heels, tote bag and shades. Ready for that luncheon with the girls.
  8. Bright lipstick, Blown out hair and a big sporty watch and you’ve nailed the après sport look.
  9. Try high tops and a bomber jacket with round sunglasses to give Gigi Hadid a run for her money in the athleisure wear look.
  10. Go for a colorful cross body bag with the Spiritual Warrior Maya mesh crop. Keep the messy bun with a pair of round shades to stylize your look.

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