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The most common New Year resolution: I am going to start working out/ I am going to be healthier. Every year millions of people make this their goal but end up not following through. January starts out well; people sign monthly memberships for the gym or their favorite workout classes, eat salads, and even quit unhealthy habits. But by the time march rolls around so do the tummy rolls.

The basic problem is that people set unrealistic goals that are often vague and too demanding. Spiritual Warrior has come up with 8 steps that will help you stay motivated throughout the year.


  1. Understand why you are setting yourself a health goal this year. Jot down all the reasons why you want to pursue this goal. Make sure they are reasons that actually matter to you.
  2. Be specific: Set a goal that is specific and has a timeline. For example I want to be able to do a handstand by the end of April. Or I want to lose 15 kgs in 3 months.
  3. Make sure it is achievable. Set yourself up for success: Make a goal that you know you can attain given you follow your plan of action.
  4. Have a realistic plan of action. Break down your goal into achievable smaller targets and set a plan to achieve them. If you wanted to be able to do a handstand you have to first strengthen your core and arms. So start working out based on that. If you want to lose weight, make a plan that you can stick to like doing cardio 2-3 times a week. Start by making baby steps, and then stretch your limits.
  5. Make the plan fun. If you enjoy spinning, go spinning, if you enjoy yoga, practice yoga. Don’t do activities you don’t enjoy otherwise you wont follow through.
  6. Bring a friend. Sometimes having a workout partner with similar goals helps as you both can motivate each other.
  7. Measure your progress. In order to stay motivated it is very important to be able to track your results weekly. Hence make sure your goal is measurable.
  8. Accept the grind. Working out can be challenging, as you not only have to work hard physically but also mentally. You have to really push through that disinclination, distractions and demotivation to get yourself to go. However accept the grind, and remind yourself of all the reasons why you are working out.
We wish our tribe a healthy and happy 2020. We are always here for motivation, health tips and fabulous attire!
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