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Yoga Etiquette

Yoga Etiquette

Going to a Yoga class for the first time? No problem! Follow these simple but important rules.

If you have never been to a group yoga class before, it can be intimidating. We see yogis on social media balancing on their heads, or in one arm, or looking like a pretzel 

Surya Namaskar

  Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China and the Colosseum are all wonderful man made wonders of the world- but how many times can you look at them? Now think... Read More
Surya Namaskar
Spiritual Warrior workout routine competition spirituality activewear

The race is long and in the end its only with yourself

  “Survival of the fittest”, a theory in which Darwin explains the naturalness of competition. Competition is a natural part of the human experience, its something that motivates us and... Read More

The real to do list

Laugh Sing Dance Yoga Travel Take deep breaths Drink plenty of water Be kind Be humble Be curious Smile at strangers Do one thing everyday that scares Sit under a... Read More
The real to do list
Spiritual Warrior athleisure yoga activewear

Be your own Spiritual Warrior

You are enough. Flaunt yourself, because you are the best version of you and that’s pretty fantastic! Love and believe in yourself because if you don’t then how can you... Read More

Yogi playlist

Flow to the yogi playlist we have created to lift your soul during your yoga practice. Music really can be meditation for the soul, so combine it with your yoga... Read More
Spiritual Warrior yoga playlist music yogi songs
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After finishing a meal, "sit in Vajrasana!" If stressed, "do the shoulderstand!"  If jaded or bored, "get into the wheel" If you have a blocked nose... roll into a forward... Read More

Do one thing everyday that scares you

  Do you find yourself settling in life? Do you hate leaving your comfort zone? Are you a yes man? Is there something you have always wanted to do but... Read More
Do one thing everyday that scares you
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