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In this technology obsessed, high pressure and fast paced climate that we live in, quality sleep is left for the privileged. But the benefits of some quality shuteye are surprising.

  1. Mental focus improves by leaps and bounds. Having mental focus and challenging yourself are two of Spiritual warrior’s mantras. We believe in affirming goals and relentlessly pursuing them and sleep is positively related to productivity and attention.
  2. Improves your memory. Life is beautiful and full of amazement, hear the birds chirping every morning, smell the rain, notice the ants carrying food to their anthill. Why wouldn’t you want to improve your memory to remember the gift, which is called present? While we sleep, our mind goes through a process called consolidation- it practices the information we learned when awake.
  3. It helps control your weight. As a spiritual warrior you are committed to health and happiness. Take charge and control your weight. Lack of sleep causes hormonal changes that stimulate your appetite and drastically slows down your metabolism. Shed that weight through a healthy diet, rigorous exercise and sleep.
  4. It improves your skin. Beauty is not skin deep but looking your best makes you feel better and increases confidence levels. Quality sleep helps your cells regenerate giving your skin a healthier glow. Be your own kind of beautiful.
  5. It improves overall health as it strengthens your immune system by producing more protein molecules that help the body repair itself from the damaged caused to the cells through UV exposure, stress and pollutants. Commit to sufficient sleep because health is wealth.
  6. Sleep reduces stress. As a spiritual warrior we are building strength over stress so take actions now to achieve this. Sleep actually lowers your blood pressure and stress levels. This reduces the aging process as stress creates a wear and tear process on your body that degenerates your cells.
  7. Sleep keeps your heart healthy. It lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol- no more asking yourself BP high but why? A healthy warrior is a happier warrior.
  8. Sleep = sunny disposition. There is so much in life to be grateful for- be thankful not moody. Lack of sleep causes crankiness and anxiety and as a spiritual warrior there is no room for that because we understand the importance of having shanti within.


Don’t be a fool and get these easy benefits by just powering down. Whether you need to lie down in Savasana for an extra few minutes on your Spiritual Warrior mat after your yoga practice or just switch your phone off so it doesn’t disturb you- commit to your health now. Be a spiritual warrior.

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